The source of new jobs begin with pebble droppers, people making waves and wakes, the entrepreneurs who start business ventures. The “soil” must nurture them, not discourage them. Pebble droppers must be saved and admired for the service they provide. Instead, they are envied by the few, taxed and punished by government whose only purpose should be to protect all people against injustice. This book defines a pebble dropper and the environment that is best to encourage their success.

Today’s politicians are dismantling the American ideal of a prosperous, free nation. The 2008 election did seek “change,” making community interests superior to individual interests. What has happened to the voices who believe in the importance of the individual? That is why America differs from the rest of the world. If “change” is inevitable, will we lose that which sets us apart from the Old World.

Everyone has heard the term, “Don’t make waves,” and “Don’t rock the boat!” However, no one has ever seen a boat going anywhere that was not making waves and rocking from side to side, making the placid water choppy. This is the conflict we face today, in America, whether to continue welcoming the wave-making pebble-droppers or secure the peace of the pond. Pebble-droppers made America what it is today. They gave form and shape to our American Evolution. Pebble droppers made us prosperous and only they can keep us prosperous. Without pebble droppers, America will have no prosperity, no growth, no entrepreneurs, no small business and no new jobs. The problem is found in the difficulty governing managers have in controlling the pebble droppers and the results of their disturbing behavior.

1 The American Evolution 11
2 America: a Nail Sticking Up 27
3 The Faces of Equality 44
4 Count the Many Ways 65
5 People and their Beliefs 82
6 How Did We Get Here? 96
7 If the Shoes Fit 125
8 Same Size Mandates 135
9 The Invisible Hand of Inequality 153
10 Community Knows Best 164
11 Capable of Being Free? 179
12 Bourbon Democrats View 192
13 Justice or Injustice 207
14 View From the Pack 224
15 Communities and Free People 240
16 How To Be Prosperous 257
17 Cannot Disturb the Pond 268
18 Throw the Baby Out 280
19 Career-Seekers 295
20 Love is Not Blind 302
21 To America’s Youth 310
22 Where Do We Go From Here? 325
23 My Wonderland 3

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Creative people make prosperity
Changes which hurt America
Describes freedom to think and act
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